$100k project to digitise records and processes

Posted On: Sep 05, 2019
$100k project to digitise records and processes

FIJI Public Trustee Corporation (Pte) Ltd (FPTCL) is the country’s largest will making service providers and holds more than 3000 wills, managing more than 8000 estates and trusts with a value of more than $51 million.

Yesterday the organisation signed a partnership agreement with Telecom Fiji Ltd (TFL), for the implementation of the Document Management System (DMS) with an objective to modernise its business through the digitisation of all records and business processes throughout its operations.

FPTCL chief executive officer Atonio Takala said the implementation of DMS project would cost about $100,000 and would take up to a year to complete once all the work processes were in place.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mr Takala said the process would include the scanning or digitising of more than 1.5 million records, and other features such as document workflow and approval, contract management, content management, mobile and web access.

“We are excited to be in partnership with TFL who are the software providers of ‘File Hold’ in Fiji. File Hold is a world-renowned Document Management System software package,” Mr Takala said.

“With the assistance of DMS, our current business processes should improve. Enabling our staff to work more efficiently and effectively. Our initiative is also in line with government’s plan in place through digitalFIJI to make more key Government services available online and through mobile applications.”

TFL chief executive officer Charles Goundar commended the project for looking towards the future of Fiji.

“Digital transformation is a major initiative globally and the Fijian Government is on the right track by ensuring that essential services are going online for Fijians.

“Through Telecom, more local organisations are aligning themselves with the Government’s vision for digital accessibility,” said Mr Goundar.