FPTCL Announces Opening of Bus Shelter at Dravo District School

Posted On: Jun 08, 2023

Fiji Public Trustee is thrilled to announce the official opening of the bus shelter donated to Dravo District School, marked by a momentous full traditional ceremony that honoured the significance of the contribution to the school community.

The bus shelter, donated by Fiji Public Trustee, serves as a testament to our commitment to the welfare and development of the community, particularly in the field of education. The aim of the donation is to enhance the safety and convenience of students, teachers, and parents utilizing the school’s transportation services.

In recognition of the importance of this occasion, a full traditional ceremony was held to honour the partnership between Fiji Public Trustee and Dravo District School. The ceremony showcased the rich cultural heritage of Fiji and emphasized the deep-rooted values of community, respect, and collaboration.

Dignitaries, community leaders, representatives from Fiji Public Trustee, school administration, and members of the local community attended the ceremony. The event commenced with traditional ceremonies and rituals, including a welcoming ceremony and speeches highlighting the significance of the donation and its positive impact on the school community.

The traditional ceremony served as a reminder of the strong bonds between the community and Fiji Public Trustee, and the shared vision of empowering future generations through education.

Fiji Public Trustee is immensely proud to have been part of this momentous occasion and expresses gratitude to Dravo District School, the local community, and all those involved in making the traditional ceremony a resounding success.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this initiative and reaffirm our commitment to supporting educational institutions and community development.

About Fiji Public Trustee: Fiji Public Trustee is a leading institution dedicated to providing professional trust, estate administration, and investment services for the benefit of the Fijian community. With a strong commitment to community development, we actively support initiatives that promote education, welfare, and overall societal well-being.