Fiji Public Trustee Seeks Beneficiaries for Estates and Unclaimed Funds

Posted On: Apr 25, 2023

The Fiji Public Trustee Corporation PTE Ltd has announced that it is currently in the process of finalising the Estates of Deceased Persons and Unclaimed Monies in accordance with Section (62) of the Trustee Act. As part of this process, the company is reaching out to potential beneficiaries and claimants who may be entitled to a share of the assets.

Individuals who believe they may have a claim to any of the estates or unclaimed monies are encouraged to contact the Fiji Public Trustee via email at or by using the contact details listed below.

As the official executor, administrator, and trustee for these estates, the Fiji Public Trustee is committed to ensuring that all assets are properly distributed to their rightful beneficiaries. The company is urging anyone who may have information about a deceased person or unclaimed funds to come forward and make their claim as soon as possible.

With this announcement, the Fiji Public Trustee is hoping to reach as many potential beneficiaries and claimants as possible, so that all assets can be distributed in a fair and timely manner.

 Anyone with information is encouraged to get in touch with the company using the provided contact details.

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