FPTCL donates $10K to the Fiji Cancer Society

Posted On: Oct 11, 2019
FPTCL donates $10K to the Fiji Cancer Society

The Fiji Public Trustee today presented a ten-thousand dollars cheque to the Fiji Cancer Society.

Society CEO Belinda Chan thanked the board members, management and staff of the public trustee for the assistance.

Chan says the funds from the public trustee will be used on awareness programs, screenings, and to cover the transportation and medical expenses of cancer patients registered with them.

“Thank you so much for fundraising, for allowing us to raise the awareness not only in October but the other 11 months. Cancer does not affect people in October, there’s 11 months where people get diagnosed with cancer”.

There are currently over 368 patients registered under the Fiji Cancer Society.

Source: FBC News