What if I died without a Will? Who will take care of my family?

What if I died without a Will? Who will take care of my family?

Jitoko lived in Valelevu and supported a young family.

The young dockworker he died in an accident on board a shipping vessel at the Suva Wharf in 1997.

Following his death, the High Court had ordered the sum of $50,000 as compensation to be paid out to Fiji Public Trustee three years later.

The compensation funds were held by Fiji Public Trustee as Trustee for the deceased’s four young children.

These funds were to be utilized for the maintenance, support and education of Jitokos four children until they tuned 18. Jitoko’s wife Litiana was appointed Administratrix and Legal representative in the deceased’s estate and the lawful guardian of his children.

As trustee of Jitoko’s young children’s funds, Fiji Public Trustee continuously assisted the widow with the children’s education, maintenance and support.

Over the years the Fiji Public Trustee had continued to assist the widow with the maintenance of their family property and in early 2019 with the consent of the children who are all adults now, is in the process of transferring the ownership of the said family property to their mother.